The final diploma thesis can have many different forms. Many students chose to make plans for urban design, golf courses or recreation areas. I decided to submit a theoretical paper. In the summer of 2007, I had visited Paris. While visiting the Père Lachaise Cemetery, I wondered why it was so different from other cemeteries. We had had lectures about cemeteries. The size of graves, the importance of the table of water, type of soil etc., all these topics had been discussed, but the atmosphere was quite different here.

While enjoying the shade underneath the trees I asked myself what cemeteries in other European major cities might look like. I decided to compare the cemeteries of three metropoles. The Central Cemetery in Frankfurt - Germany, The Belfast City Cemetery - Northern Ireland and the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris - France. I visited all three towns for my thesis. All three were established around the same period of time, yet all three differed very much. The development and sepulchral culture was dissimilar in every town. In my thesis, I compared the development of the cemeteries, the kind of stones used, soils, plants and the sepulchral culture as a whole.

I received a 1, 3 for my thesis which was one of the best grades.
The marmor tombs of the Père Lachaise, autumn - Brady 2007
The main paths are paved with cobble stone - Brady 2007
The Belfast City Cemetery with typical celtic cross - Brady 2007
The graves are in poor shape in Belfast - Brady 2007
Thanatos the greek god of death, Frankfurt - Brady 2007

For further photos please look in my photo folder on the next page. I took so many brilliant pictures and they are too many to show here.

I would like to thank Robert Carson for his huge help in Belfast. Robert is a distant relative who is a Landscape Architect himself. He has been doing good work for the last decades. Without his help I probably would not have been able to make my thesis.
Robert Carson mbe in front of a park he designed - Brady 2007
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